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Sunday's first round down range 9:15-9:30. 5 stages

April 1, 2021

Welcome to the Quinton Mavericks website.

We welcome everyone to experience Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS).

The old is new and the new is old. This best describes the Quinton Mavericks in Quinton, New Jersey.

You see, we’ve been in existence for 25 years in various forms. The new Quinton Mavericks are a SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club nestled west of Quinton, New Jersey, minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge. While we are a SASS affiliated club, but there are a few things that separates us apart from many shooting clubs within a few hours of us.

All SASS rules are followed and enforced, but we pride ourselves as a TEACHING club, when it comes to young or new to CAS (Cowboy Action Shooters) shooters. We will TEACH and INSTRUCT new CAS shooters on the many nuances of Cowboy Action Shooting. We set up the day before our scheduled matches that occur on the second Sunday of each month excluding May, which we shoot on the second Saturday, due to Mother’s Day. After setup, we offer to work one on one or in small groups to work on any skill or basic instruction, a shooter may feel they need help with.

What else is different is our club itself. We have many unique targets, some on loan from other clubs (Thanks Eastern Shore Renegades), some we’ve engineered. Our favorite targets are moving targets, (Cowboys, Indians and Outlaws very rarely stood still for too long), 2 and 3 arm swingers, the ONLY down range facing Ore cart that travels downhill while shooting at stationary and moving targets (at a different speed), just to name a few. We also enjoy older knockdown targets as well as bird throwers for added shotgun diversity.

Since we are in South Jersey, with very sandy soil, we solved the added fatigue factor by placing artificial turf on our shooting bays. This also facilitates faster brass pick up. We use shotgun swingers to help lessen fatigue for our shooters on various stages.

The greatest uniqueness of our club is the fact that we provide a mix of distances for targets, both current up close and fast, and the older form of SASS distances. Most of our targets are 16inch squares and diamonds, train, stagecoach targets as well as a host of unique bonus targets. All but the bonus targets are set with a 15 degree down angle to help reduce the chance for splatter.

We’re proud that we shoot as one family, regardless of how many possess we shoot. We enjoy everyone’s uniqueness and talent level. We have fun cutting up on each other when appropriate, a few jokes thrown in, and themes for each match.

If you are looking for something other than point and shoot, speed demon stages, and are partial to the Cowboy Way, and its’ history, feel free to check us out. We welcome all shooters regardless of your level of expertise or experience.

We also recognize the annual Top one and two handed, male and female shooters for the year, as well as a yearly Spirit of the game award. It’s our way of saying Thank You! for playing the game with us.

Thank You for considering playing with us.

Unexpected Bill (84398)

Match Director and Territorial Governor


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